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“Leave the door open for the unknown, the door to the dark. That’s where the most important things come from, where you yourself came from, and where you will go.” 
(Rebecca Solnit) 

Genie Davis: "Featuring astonishingly lovely work by Marthe Aponte, Chenhung Chen, Annie Clavel, Catherine Ruane, Jane Szabo, Nancy Kay Turner, and Lisa Diane Wedgeworth, the artists in this exhibition are the vessels that channel this [ritual] energy from one place to the other ... Their works are a bridge between the known and the unknown, the seen and the unseen, the remembered and the forgotten. Moving effortlessly between past, present and the future, the very creation of their art is as mysterious and intriguing as an incantation.
Each artist weaves her own distinct and seductive spell, through the use of inventive materials and masterful image-making." 

The show vibrates with textural components, as well as color, light, and shadow, weaving a potent portal to the magic that can find us if we are open to it – as open as these artists have become.
Have this exhibit shown again at your venue: ask Annie!

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