Annie Clavel was born in Toulouse, France.

Her parents encouraged her unbounded expression of self and individuality. This turned out to be an appreciation for expressionist and abstract art as well as a natural talent for Mathematic and Computer Science. Annie gained a Masters in both these subjects and taught them at schools throughout France and Tunisia up until 1992.

In 1985 Annie pursued her other passion, Art. She attended art classes in France and Germany. Between 1995 and 2001, she undertook various painting workshops and courses in Paris under the instruction of Olivier Di Pizio, who introduced her to abstract expressionism. Annie traveled and lived abroad in Tunisia, Germany and France with her husband and three children. Many of her earlier works portray an expression of realism seen in the day to day life of people, nature and culture of each country.

Annie and her husband moved from France to Long Beach, California, in 2006.

Once in the US, Annie significantly expanded her artistic activity, being an active member of numerous art associations where she is working as a creative artist and quite often also as a board member.
In December 2009 she created and opened an art gallery on Broadway in Long Beach (Les Jolis Tresors), where she acted as an owner & curator and organized more than 30 art shows until July 2014.
Meanwhile she kept creating new art pieces and she decided to concentrate on her own art, starting 2015. So she closed the brick-and-mortar gallery, keeping only the online art activity at

Annie is a member of:

  • LAAA Los Angeles Art Association
  • Women Painters West
  • Palos Verdes Art Center
  • The Artists' Studio at Palos Verdes Art Center
  • National Watercolor Society
  • South Bay Watercolor Society 
  • Artist Open Group of Palos Verdes Art Center 
  • Paletteers of Palos Verdes Art Center
She is also the curator of the Art Theatre in Long Beach.

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