Annie Clavel

In my paintings I explore the duality between my scientific perception and my creative life. I am both a mathematician and a painter. I imagine mathematical theories in color, shapes, light and movement. Theories are worlds where I like to wander, inventing moments, emotions and stories. 

My textured and colorful surfaces depict universes driven by quantum mechanics or mathematical concepts.

My scientific mind copes with theory and knowledge, complexity and simplicity, randomness and predictability while my emotional self translates my feelings, reactions and visions. I let my instinct and intuition guide my work to capture parallel moments of time, advancing each work towards a personal resolution.

My mixed media paintings combine a variety of nuanced colors, a multitude of diverse brush strokes and alternating textures. I build up layers in acrylic paint and paper or fabric, then subtract, add, partially cover, scratch and scrape the surface to create the effects I seek. In contrast to this strenuous practice, my watercolor paintings are swift sketches full of immediacy and energy. The fluidity and randomness of this medium allows me to paint my instant mood.

Elements of modernism, abstract expressionism and contemporary abstraction influence my paintings. I look to the work of Gerhard Richter, Sam Francis, František Kupka, Matisse, Franz Marc, René Descartes, Benoit Mandelbrot and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Annie Clavel

Annie Clavel is a French artist. She grew up in Paris where she studied mathematics and computer science. She gained a Master's degree in both subjects and taught them at schools throughout France and Tunisia up until 1992.

In 1985 Annie pursued her second passion after mathematics: Art. She undertook various painting workshops at l'Atelier Bleu in Paris where she was introduced to abstract expressionism. 

She traveled and lived in Tunisia, Germany and France with her husband and three children. Many of her earlier works portray an expression of realism seen in the day to day life of people, nature and culture of each country.

Annie moved from France to Long Beach, California, in 2006.
Once in the US, Annie significantly expanded her artistic activity. She created Les Jolis Tresors Art Gallery in Long Beach and managed it from 2009 to 2014. At the Palos Verdes Art Center, she has been a teacher (watercolor and mixed media painting). Her work has won awards in many juried shows in Southern California and is in private collections in France, USA, Germany, Tunisia and United Kningdom.

Presently her paintings are inspired by abstract theories. Those theories are worlds where Annie likes to wander, inventing moments, emotion and stories. Her textured and colorful surfaces depict universes driven by quantum mechanics or mathematical concepts.

She is a member of Women Painters West, Los Angeles Art Association (Gallery 825) and Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA).