Annie Clavel

In my paintings I explore the duality between my scientific perception and my creative life. I am both a mathematician and a painter. I imagine mathematical theories in color, shapes, light and movement. Theories are worlds where I like to wander, inventing moments, emotions and stories. 

My colorful surfaces depict universes driven by quantum mechanics or mathematical concepts.

I want to emphasize the paths between universes as my artistic approach. My new series “Timeless” and "Blue" reveals how my vision of Cosmology helps me in relating universes to each other. There is a similarity between these universes and life's mental processes (consciousness, dreaming, mathematics) - and they’re all interconnected

In my paintings, the different layers are about infinity and the random mingling of vivid colors helps me to create different interdependent worlds.

Annie Clavel


Annie Clavel grew up in Paris, France, where she studied mathematics and computer science. She gained a Master's degree in both subjects and taught them at schools throughout France and Tunis.

She traveled and lived in Tunisia, Germany and France with her husband and three children. Many of her earlier works portray an expression of realism seen in the day to day life of people, nature and culture of each country.

She moved from France to Long Beach, California, in 2006. Once in the US, she created Les Jolis Trésors Art Gallery in Long Beach and managed it from 2009 to 2014, curating exhibitions, moderating art talks, and teaching art.
Ms. Clavel has had several solo exhibitions in California with C Gallery Fine Art in Long Beach, OCCCA, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Ana, and LA Artcore. 

She is an international artist organizing Artists Exchanges between France and Los Angeles.